Display digital arton any screen

Easily display your collection, manage multiple displays in a gallery or curate artworks for a remote location.

Artcade gallery in Los Angeles

Set up your exhibition in minutes.

No more running around the space with USB sticks and remote controls.


Manage frames remotely

Change the artwork from anywhere, using your phone or computer.

Generate QR-codes

Let your audience learn about a piece and connect to the marketplace.

Use your own displays

Works with any smart TV, tablet, LED display or projector.

Create rotating collections

Add artworks to a collection and display them with a set time interval.

Let the best curators choose the art on your walls.

We’re piloting a curation program for hotels, retail stores and commercial spaces.

Zeroframe is used by collectors, galleries, conferences and companies around the world.

Get in touch

Give us a shout to set up a demo or with any questions about how Zeroframe might work for your exhibition needs.

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