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Display NFTs on any screen

Use your TV, tablet or projector to display your collection or set up an exhibition.

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Artworks by mvscmnt, Fahmi Mursyid, and zouassi

Set up your exhibition in minutes.

No more USB sticks, remote controls, or walk-abouts turning things on and off.

Manage frames remotely

Push artwork to your frames from your computer or phone, from the gallery or from home.

Connect your crypto wallets

Add artworks you own by connecting your wallet, or add them via URL.

Create rotating collections

Add artworks to a collection and display them with a set time interval.

Use your own displays

Zeroframe works with any browser-based display - smart TV, tablet, art display, etc.

Used by collectors, galleries, and conferences around the world


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Give us a shout to set up a demo or with any questions about how Zeroframe might work for your exhibition needs.

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